Friday, December 12, 2008

Salzburg Christmas Market and Games

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We went to Salzburg last Tuesday to see the Christmas Market. The atmosphere was great, lovely Christmas Trees with lights everywhere the horses and carriages adding to the festive scene. Hot Gluhwein, Grostl and lots of other goodies to eat and drink. As the light faded the lights twinkled brighter and it was so nice. We got a lot presents for family and some chocolate for us (yum!).

Of course there are game shops in Salzburg so I couldn't go without just having a little look. Well, I picked up Kreta, a game I have played online quite a lot, for 10 euro. Also Thurn & Taxis, Tina likes TTR so I'm hoping she will like this one as well. I had read about Toledo in the Essen posts so snapped that up as well. Tina also saw Pingu Party, a small cardgame from Knizia, the penguins looked cute so picked that on spec. That's all my Christmas game shopping I think :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Gaming!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Advent around the Wolfgangsee

Christmas shop in St Wolfgang

At this time of year St Wolfgang and the surrounding villages are transformed into a paradise for all lovers of Christmas. Each village has a Christmas market which is alive with people drinking gluhwein, eating grostl and generally taking in the wonderful atmosphere.

Musical Nutcrackers

The ferry boats are running and you can buy a round ticket to visit all the markets, at Strobl, St Gilgan as well as St Wolfgang. It takes about 35 minutes to St Gilgen

Stall at St Gilgen

Open fires in St Gilgen take off the chill

After an hours boat ride to the other end of the lake we arrive in Strobl.

Stalls in Strobl

In Strobl there are many wood carved figures with a lovely crypt scene in the music pavilion.

Hot gluhwein and chilly weather

Nativity scene in the music pavilion

Well, I hope that gives you a taste of Advent here in the Salzkammergut, wish you could all be here!

Happy Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back from England

Been a while since my last post, had some family things to do so have been away a bit longer than we thought. When we got back there was snow laying around so and it was a bit colder than Gatwick when we left. While we was in England we went in a Lakeland store to buy some Christmas presents and I saw they were selling Army of Frogs....
....great I thought, I already have hive so that would a good addition to my collection. We played it a couple of times and it's a nice little game with a bit to it. Nice for non-gamers too, ie my sister-in-law. Now we are back in St. Wolfgang and the Advent Markets are in full swing, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The village is transformed with open fires, Christmas trees and candles, little huts everywhere selling gluwein, grostl, krapfen, handicrafts, wine, cheese and loads of other stuff. I will try and get some pics before we go back to the UK.......Oh! yes we are flying back on the 17th December to spend Christmas back in the UK. I will try and get a few posts in before that.

Happy Gaming!!!