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Tuesday 18th January - Puerto Rico + Expansion

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Well, numbers down to 3 tonight, but Puerto Rico plus the expansion beckoned and off we go. The new buildings in the expansion add some more options and the way you pick which buildings you use at the start of the game can seriously affect gameplay. As Steve found out, so did I come to that. Anyway these are the new buildings:

This expansion adds the forests and the following new buildings to the game: Aqueduct, Forest House, Black Market, Storehouse, Guesthouse, Church, Trading Post, Small Wharf, Lighthouse, Library, Speciality Factory, Union Hall, Cloister, and Statue.

The old and new buildings are laid out before the game starts and in turn order the players chose a building and place it on the game board. Once the all the spaces for a particular cost of building is filled any remaining buildings that share that cost are out of the game. So we started the game proper with no warehouses at all, only the new version of the storehouse. Also making the cut where the church, small wharf, lighthouse, library, statue, guesthouse and forest house. All these buildings add new options for gameplay and consequently the game took longer than normal for a 3 player game as none of us had played with the expansion before.

Richard grabbed one of the 2 storehouses straight away and I followed suit nicking the other one. Steve suffered after this as all through the game he had to throw quite a few barrels over the side. Steve reckoned he made a mistake buying the church, he was going for small production buildings and thought the bonus the church would give him would be significant. It didn’t help him as much as he hoped. I made a critical mistake I think in buying the library instead of the wharf. Although double privileges are handy, I had limited opportunities to ship. Mainly because Richard had a wharf and was tieing up one of the ships with his tobacco and was shipping stuff to his wharf as well.

I did get a couple of 10 buildings but in the end the lack of shipping VPs crippled me. Steve kept saying he wasn’t doing well and wanted to limit the number of points he was going to come last by. I think that was a good bluff. Richard was crafting and shipping at every opportunity and soon the game ended through lack of VPs. It was an enjoyable experience and in the end the scores were extremely close. In the pic you can’t really see the new buildings, they have a thicker line round the cost, and the forest tiles are bottom right.

Final Scores (VPs+buildings+bonuses)(*denotes starting player)

Richard 32+14+0 = 46, Steve 24+15+6 = 45, *Colin 12+25+7 = 44

Rating (0-10)

Colin 8.5

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