Wednesday, February 9, 2005


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The first game had the standard layout of resources, for this second game we removed all the resource tiles and gave them a shuffle and just dealt them out. Interesting layout, ore all on the edge of the board, one with an 8 the other two with 11 and 12 respectively adjacent to the desert hex. So ore was going to be at a premium and the one with 8 would probably see the robber quite a bit. I managed to get my two initial settlements in reasonable positions for a change and Natalie grabbed that 8 ore hex. Again some weird dice rolls with 5 and 9 showing up a lot. Eventually I had 4 settlements on sheep hexes and had managed to get the 2:1 sheep port. My initial placement had a vague chance of getting longest road until Steve placed his second settlement slap bang in the middle. I did manage to get the longest road until Natalie grabbed it. I bought a card and got a VP. Those sheep certainly helped a lot and I managed to build a few more roads and nick the longest road back again, that put me on 9 VPs. Then those dice rolls came into play again my sheep dried up and would you believe the number of times 12 rolled, and Neil on the ore 12 with a City. So he was getting shedloads of ore in the late game. Steve was diligently recording the dice rolls, I think 3 rolled four times on the trot. I was still waiting either to upgrade or gamble on buying a card. My road had run out of options so I was hoping I could hold on to it as Natalie was gradually getting close to getting it back. Then Neil bought a card and upgraded a settlement, revealed two VP cards and claimed the win. Doh! All in all I think, the most enjoyable game of Settlers I have played even though I didn’t win.

Final Scores

Natalie 7, *Steve 4, Neil 11, Colin 9

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