Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Tuesday March 8th - Roborally & Magic Online stuff

I have got a really bad cold so didn’t make it to Billygames yesterday. I think that while I was absent Natalie took the opportunity to pick Roborally, a game I really don’t like and will avoid if at all possible. So, until I get some results/report from someone who was there you’ll have to put up with me waffling on. On the topic of gaming blogs, aren’t there a lot of them. I have a read of quite a few of them to see what other gaming groups are playing and their take on games that Billygames have played too. At the moment on Boardgame Geek someone is compiling a list of gaming blogs. Nice to see that ‘My Games Journal’ is listed. Having just typed that I realise what a really lame title that is. I may have to think about changing it to something witty/relevant about games.
Sometime in the distant past on this blog I wrote a bit about Magic Online. Well, I’m still playing, only casual not leagues, drafts or any other format that needs money. lol. To be honest, as Wizards release a new expansion every 3 months you could end up spending a fortune on digital product, as it’s called. I had enough of that in my year’s playing paper Magic. Before you realise what is happening you have spent a wad just to stay competitive. Whenever a new expansion comes out I have a look at the 4 precon decks and read a few forum posts about them. Whichever one looks the most fun I purchase with 10 or 15 tickets. If you don’t know what tickets are they are the Magic Online version of currency. You can use tix to pay for entry to events and to trade for cards on the marketplace. Anyway, that’s what I do, trade for cards to tweak the precon to make it a bit more competitive. I don’t expect to win all the time, heck, I don’t expect to win 75% of the time. I do win about 50% of the time and have fun as well.
There are a few guys from the States that I regularly play with. I only go on at the weekends. As I don’t get home from work until 7.45pm I don’t think the wife would appreciate me wolfing down dinner and disappearing upstairs to the computer room for a few hours of Magic. Anyway one guy is a welder on night work and about when I log on he’s there, just finished a 10 hour night and straight online to play Magic. Phew. Nice guy though.
If anyone out there that reads this and plays Magic Online you can find me online Saturday or Sunday mornings in the casual room. Look out for coljen. Hope to see you there!

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