Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Flandern 1302 Final

Flandern 1302 Final
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So this is the board at the end. The centre city at the bottom of the board has just been scored. Does it pay to try and get a presence in all cities or concentrate on one or two? You only have a limited number of action cards to play, when do you play the card to get them all back? Do you use one of your provinces or choose a church or neutral piece? You only have a limited number of your own pieces and they soon run out. All this gives you multiple choices and not enough actions to carry it all out. I think this is always a good sign in a game. You always want to do more. As I say I liked it, the fact that I won in no way coloured my opinion :)

Final Scores
Garry 37, Steve 27, Colin 47, Grey (neutral guild) 28

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