Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tuesday May 9th - Thurn und Taxis

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As I said before Garry had sent to Adam Spielt with an order for some games which came with their usual prompt service. Garry's choice tonight so not surprisingly he choose one of the games he ordered, Thurn und Taxis. This Andreas and Karen Seyfarth designed game is about connecting stagecoach routes across europe has many mechanics that players of Ticket to Ride will find familiar. Cards are laid out with city names and you choose from the display or choose a blind one off of the stack. You lay your cards in front of you to form a route and then claim it when you are ready. That said I found the game very pleasing, not to simple with plenty of tactical options and opportunities for clever play. I particularly liked the special action where you can change all six cards on the display, as Steve was to my left I'm not sure he found it so good!!
The play flows fairly quickly and you should get a game in the box time of 60 minutes. There are bonuses for getting coach houses in all regions and all cities in one region and so on. All in all a solid design that all our group would be happy to play again. None of us had played before except Steve who had played it once at BayCon so perhaps this reflected in the final scores.

Final Scores
Steve 23, Colin 16, Richard 14, Garry 6

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