Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Monday 19th June - Carolus Magnus

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We last played this 2000 Leo Colovini game way back in April last year. It was a three player game with Garry, Steve and myself, and it was the three of us again this time. Basically this is a game of control of provinces by placing coloured blocks on them and also controlling the colour by having the majority of blocks on your court. I played this game like a complete donkey and I remarked that when we last played I thought I won. Steve said that seemed unlikely and I agreed with him, but looking back at the result it was indeed Colin 8, Garry 4 and Steve 3. Garry looked to be in a strong position with only one castle left to get on the board. I managed to secure the one remaining vunerable province joining it with another of mine. So denying Garry the chance to to end the game. This game is a bit of a brain burner with many possibilities open to you on every turn. Despite my poor performance and lucky win I still llike this game.

Final Scores
Colin 8, Steve 4, Garry 3

Garry remarked that boardgame news has got a preview of Essen 2006.....already! Bookmark that page and keep checking they are the premier site for Essen news.

Happy Gaming!!!

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