Friday, October 13, 2006

Essen and New Message Board

The message board developed some problems so I have replaced it with another one, hopefully this will work better. Please feel free to comment or post your thoughts.

Essen is nearly upon us now and the excitement is building, I have got to pack this weekend, well I say pack I shall be taking minimul stuff in a big case to leave room for all the games I hope to get. Garry is picking me up at 4.00am Wednesday morning for a 6.20am flight from Gatwick airport to Cologne. Jo is meeting us at Gatwick, then from Cologne we take the ICE train into Essen, should arrive there about midday. So a nice leisurely afternoon and evening before we hit the Messe first thing on Thursday, ready for the 10.00am opening. I have been following the Essen preview on Boardgame News and have printed out the checklist of games from Spielbox online which will be a big help. I will be taking lots of photos throughout our trip and will have, hopefully, a full report after we get back.

Richard on the other hand is going to do Essen in a day, leaving from his home in Haywards Heath at around 1.30am on Saturday morning, going through the channel tunnel and driving through europe to arrive at Essen around 9.00am. Then blitzing the Messe and leaving about 4.00pm for the drive back. I did this a couple of years ago, and while fun, is really tiring. Anyway I have badgered Richard to write about his trip so we should have a report from him too.

Next report will be post Essen, see you all then.

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