Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My last Billygames Post - Antler Island

Well, here it is, my last post as a member of Billygames.....choke. Steve couldn't make it because of work commitments, but Richard and Garry were in attendance. As it was the last session they let me choose and I chose Antler Island. Mainly because my wife wanted to see the cute stags. As it turned out the game was pretty good as well.

The board layout for Antler Island

Each player is a stag on Antler Island, the island is populated with does just waiting to, serviced. In the 3 player game you have to have serviced 10 does and won a fight against another stag to win. You have 4 possible actions available to you, move, feed, rut or grow an antler. Feed and rut are pretty obvious, but feeding also helps you grow antlers and improves your fighting capabilities. When you land on the same space as another stag you have a fight, the attacker declares how many food tokens they are commiting to the fight, if any, the defender then has the chance to retreat or stay and fight. When you lock antlers you add together your antlers and any food tokens committed, whoever has the higher number wins.

The player board

Actually this is a really fun game, of course lots of double entres during play, and the game plays quickly. We got in 3 games during the evening. In the first 2 games I was pretty good at the rutting, but useless at the fighting. In the last game I won my fight but only rutted with 2 does. Garry seemed to have got the balance just right, good at fighting and rutting.

Final Scores
Game 1 - Richard 15, Garry 11, Colin 7 but didn't win a fight

Game 2 - Garry 12, Richard 13 but didn't win a fight, Colin 8 but didn't win a fight

Game 3 - Garry 14, Richard 7 but didn't win a fight, Colin 3

Antler Island

A stag sizing up the attractiveness of a doe

And finally a real surprise the guys had bought me a copy of Fagin's Gang as a going away present, I must say I have really enjoyed my years gaming with Richard, Garry and Steve, it's been a real pleasure and I will really miss our tuesday night sessions .

Thanks for reading!! Happy Gaming!!!

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