Saturday, April 26, 2008

A day trip to Salzburg


Last thursday (24th) we went to Salzburg on the post bus, a pleasant journey taking about 90 minutes. The day was fairly hot which was significant because the main reason for going was to visit one of Austria's main department stores and that was situated on the outskirts and we planned to walk. I looked at a map and thought it would take about 20 minutes, in fact it took 40 minutes. When we arrived the first thing we did was look for the English Shop, we had found this on the net a few days ago and wanted to buy a few essential things you can't buy in Austria. For instance, Branston pickle, Daddy's Sauce, Marmite and Custard powder.
Well, we found it alright, it is run by Chris and Simon Clee, and it is a veritable Alladin's Cave of goodies. Chris was in attendence and was very helpful and we had a great chat. As we had a specific purpose for visiting Salzburg there was no time to visit the game stores this time, in the picture you see me in one of the best, obviously taken at another time. We finally made it to Leiner's (the dept. store), luckily they had a nice restaurant and cold beer waiting. After a nice lunch we spent a very profitable (but expensive) couple of hours browsing around. They have practically everything you need for the home on four floors. When we returned to the centre of Salzburg to get the bus home we took a tram ride, a bit easier on the feet!!
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