Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Finally Stopped Snowing

The Lions Head

It has been snowing for 16 days or so here, and today it finally stopped. I don't think for good as the sky looks full of it. Anyway here are some snowy pictures for you all.

Walking Round the Lake

Sunshine in Winter

The Schafberg Railway!

In the first picture you can see the very distinctive outline of the Sparber, or Lions Head mountain, it features a lot in my pictures because it dominates the lake and is so picturesque. In the next we have been on one of our walks, the road follows a route above the lake, then turns and comes back along the lakeside. A lovely walk and only takes about an hour. This walk offers wonderful views of the lake and mountains and if you take the camera you are guaranteed some beautiful pictures.
The next picture was taken on the same walk. On the opposite side of the lake to the Sparber, ie the side we live on, the Schafberg mountain rises to 1,783 metres and in the last picture you can see, or rather you can't, the cog railway track that winds its way up the mountain. It only runs in the summer months because as you can see the track is deep under the snow.

On the gaming front there hasn't been much happening, I have played some Settlers online and that's it really. Been to busy walking and taking pictures!!

Happy Gaming!!!

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