Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Weather is Unsettled......

Well, June has been really funny, a few really hot days but mostly we've all sorts of weather, from thunderstorms, hail, gales but thankfully no snow!! That comes in spades in the winter. I can't really understand Twitter, I mean, I am following a few well known gaming people, but the things they write about......do you really want to share them with cyberspace? It seems to me that there must a million things to fill your day, especially if you are working, where do they find the time to write all that very personal (in some cases) trivia. Well, that's just me.
On the gaming front, still been playing Settlers on AsoBrain and not doing very well I have to say. But I did have a couple of games of Hunters and Gatherers with Tina yesterday, it's one of the games that she really likes. Our gaming friends are due back out here beginning of July so I'm looking forward to getting some more games in then. They are here for 8-9 weeks during the school holidays so we should be able to find time for some gaming. There has been a lot of chatter about Steam on BGG lately. I really hate AoS but love Railroad Tycoon, perhaps the basic game of Steam will be a bit more forgiving and I might actually enjoy it. Do I want to pay about 40 euros to find out though!!

Happy Gaming!!

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