Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Santa's Bio

Here's a great book about the beginnings of the big guy in the red suit.  Santa: My Life and Times is the account of Santa's life up to when he gets the job at the North Pole.  In a remarkable tale that spans centuries, we learn of the events that shaped one of the world's most beloved figures.  Through a comprehensive interview process Santa answers all the questions that have been asked by children and adults for years: Where did he come from?  Why do reindeer fly? What are the elves like? And many more.

We follow Santa from his boyhood to a mysterious being which shows him his destiny.  He encounters many magical creatures.  Some good and some naughty.  Delight in hearing about Santa's bought with the hobgoblins and his discovery of magic.  Find a side of Santa that you've never considered.

Martin I. Green has been trusted with Santa's story of his life and makes sure that every detail is not overlooked.  Bill Sienkiwicz beautifully illustrates the many stages of Santa's life and times.

Check out Santa: My Life and Times and remember that you might think you know all about this magical man, but some things may surprise you.

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