Saturday, May 7, 2011

Christmas Kitchen

We are doing a kitchen remodel in a couple of weeks, so I got to thinking about decorating the kitchen for the holidays.  For the Christmas obsessed (like me), each room of the house gets decorated.  Not just the living room with the tree.  Each room has a Santa or some holiday pizzazz added to it.  What do you do?  Do you like to keep things simple or do you go all out?  Here are some cute Christmas kitchen pictures I found online.
This first one is nice and simple.  It's understated but gives the kitchen a cozy Christmas feel.  I love the greenery in the windows.  It complements the lovely green colour of the cabinetry.  Could you image walking into this kitchen and smelling the wonderful scent of evergreen mixing with all the holiday baking?  This country kitchen is the epitome of simple Christmas living.

This next one is a bit more eclectic.  It's a modern Christmas palette.  I like the monocromatic look of all the silver and blue.  This seems to be a growing trend; moving away from the traditional reds and greens of the holiday. 

This simplistic, yet elegant, display still captures the holiday spirit without feeling too cold.

I hope these ideas help you keep the joys of Christmas in your heart all year long.  Remember, keep it merry and bright!

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