Friday, July 22, 2011

Christmas in July at QVC

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest's Christmas in July starting at midnight tonight clear through Sunday night on QVC . Not sure what the TSV (Today's Special Value) will be.  Shop early ladies. This is a  Harry Slatkin set of 5 Holiday candles with the boxes you can purchase for $29.64 with free S&H!! This could be a small gift for 5 people on your list.

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest

Berry and Bark Set w/Ornament Design

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest

Evergreen Scent w/Pine Tree Design

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest

Spice Scent w/Holly Leaf Design

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest

Winter Scent w/Snowflake Design

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest

Vanilla Bean Scent w/Gingerbread Man Design

QVC (link for candles)
  I enjoy watching this Christmas show every year. They have so much to offer. It's nice shopping from the comfort of your own home. Beautiful candles aren't they? Slatkin candles smell so wonderful. You can also buy them from your local Bath and Body Works, but I don't think you'll find a deal like this. So.......ANE ANE TOK, here's another post from my blog you can steal. You already have just about my whole blog on yours. Read about it HERE, but if you go to check out the blog with everyone's stolen posts, you have to get past the trashy pictures (thumbnail images)  at the top of the blog, scroll down and it's full of stolen blog posts.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you shop, try not to spend to much.....  ;-)

UPDATE: I ordered these and they came today. As soon as I opened up the box, I could smell the spicy scents! They all smelled wonderful! Love these!
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