Wednesday, January 10, 2007

9th January - Puerto Rico

When I compiled the list of games we played last year Puerto Rico didn't feature once, that's strange as it's such a great game. We had a talk last night about how we choose what games to play, for a long time we have had a rota of sorts, youngest to oldest, and they pick which game we play that week. Garry suggested that we tag on an extra place on the rota in which we play a game from the BBG's best games list, starting at the top and work our way down. We started doing that last night and as Puerto Rico is top that hit the table.
Jo was also able to make to our first session of 2007 so that was nice. Puerto Rico is such a good game and has many winning strategies, our game was extremely close for 2nd, 3rd and 4th with Jo taking first place with an extremely good score. He went down the corn route, combined with the small and large markets, which gained him some good income. I had indigo and tobacco and also small and large markets. . Steve had diversified into sugar, coffee, indigo and some corn too I think. Garry had tobacco and indigo and sugar.
I made a bad mistake when I thought the game wouldn't go on for too much longer and hadn't got enough for a second 10 building so I bought the cheapest 3VP building, I should have bought the wharf as I got caught out 3 or 4 times after that and couldn't ship. That cost me second place I think. A good start for 2007 then, next week Richard should be back and I think it's Garry's choice.

Final Scores (VP - Buildings - Bonuses)
Jo 40 - 20 - 18 = 78
Steve 21 - 22 - 7 = 50
Colin 14 - 24 - 11 =49
Garry 28 - 19 - 0 = 47

Sorry there are no pics this week......forgot the camera :)

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