Monday, February 19, 2007

Gaming last week

Sorry for the late posting of this, I didn't make the game session last week and Garry has just sent me a brief report of what was played.

Report from Garry

We were due to play Tigris and Euphrates this week (it's number 2 in the BBG chart and we're meant to be working our way down the list. Well when we sat down to play we realised that no one had a copy to hand. I'd sold my copy to Joe the week previous and the others thought I still had a copy so didn't bring theirs - doh! Any way we decided to have an open choice and started with Yspahan.

Yspahan was one of my Essen purchases and this was the fist time I got a cance to play it. It took a while to go through the rules, and to be honest I was totaly confused by the time we started, seems like a poor set of rules. After a couple of turns it all kind of fell into place, although the strategy was a little unclear, whilst I'm sure we played the game to the correct rules I think it'll need a couple of more plays to get the hang of it. It's not complicated, just not to clear what the best way to win is. Not bad, and it definately needs a couple more plays to 'bed-in'.
1st - 75 Garry, 2nd - 69 Richard, 3rd -62 Steve.

Yspahan didn't take to long once we got going so we had time for a game of Fiji. Colin, Steve and I had played this last week and enjoyed it so we decided to introduce it to richard. It's a good fun game that is best played reasonably fast using a bit of intuition rather than cold logic. With this in mind it plays fast, is over pretty quick and can be quite a laugh. File next to Hol's der Geier and Diamant.
1st - 6 Richard, 2nd - 4 Steve, 3rd - 2 Garry.

So this week we shall be playing Tigris & Euphrates, if someone remembers to bring a copy.

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