Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No Games Again.....sob!!

Well, a combination of circumstances have resulted in the session probably being cancelled again this week. Richard has flown of to the States for some skiing, Steve is working in Southampton and probably won't be back in time, and as he is hosting that poses a bit of a problem. On top of that Garry is feeling a bit under the weather with the flu. So no games again......the good side is that the wife bought me The Thief of baghdad for a Valentine's day present and actually played it with me. Whooo Hooo! Mind you that will probably be the last time she plays it :)

I have just been looking on the Ragnor Brothers site about the upgrade kit for Canal Mania, my name is down straight away. I like the game a lot and it will be good to have the revised bits without having to buy a whole new game.

Nothing else has happened of any note gamewise....oh I have just received my new copy of counter so a bit of good reading to do.

Happy Gaming :)

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