Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Trip to Salzburg and some more games

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Here is the picture of Gmunden, the Schloss out on lake Traunsee can only be reached from the little causeway you can see in the picture, and the formation in the mountains right in the centre of the pic is known as the sleeping greek!

On tuesday last week we went to Salzburg on the local bus for the day. It was a really nice sunny day and the bus trip takes about 90 mins. Salzburg is a wonderful city, especially if you like Mozart, there are numerous sights to see that are linked to the famous composer. The house he was born in, which has a wonderful multi-media exhibition. We have seen it a lot of times so this time we didn't bother, as we have never been to Salzburg at this time of year before it was interesting to see it without the major bustle of tourists. There was a few of course, but it was very different.

There are also 3 good game shops in Salzburg (not the main reason for the visit I hasten to add), but I always like to have a look. Tina liked the look of 'Die Baumeister Von Arkadia', I hadn't read anything about it, but if Tina liked the look of it she might want to play it so I bought that for 30 euros (about £21). We also picked up Hive, for 18 euros.

We were pretty tired after all the walking so decided to catch the 3.15pm bus back, boy was it crowded, and we had to stand for a while. But all in all a very good day.

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