Friday, February 22, 2008

A Trip to Gmunden and lucky bargain too!

As I reported in my last post we went to Gmunden on Monday. We had a couple of hours to look round the town. It's on the lake Traunsee, very picturesque with mountains and snow on them all around. We had some lunch first then we had a look at the local church, all the churches in Austria are very beautiful. I did take some photographs and I will try to post one when I have the time. We had a look around the local shops and one, called Libro is like WH Smith. Books, stationery, CDs a few computer bits.....and some games. In Smiths that would be trivial pursuit and UNO, here it is Settlers of Catan and Zooloretto and such. And as luck would have it all the games were 30% off! I showed great self control and only bought Zooloretto for 16 Euros, just under £12.

I have now downloaded all the expansions from Michael Schacht's site...just got to get Tina to give me a game now....

Anyway, that's all for now
Happy Gaming!!

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