Sunday, February 17, 2008

Boardgames at St Wolfgang

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Well, we have played a few games now, havn't had a chance to look for any local players yet but we have played a couple of games together. Last weekend we played Fagins Gang and The Pillars of the Earth, Tina won both. And yesterday we played 2 games of Ticket to Ride Switzerland which I won. Today we got the games out again and started off with Carcassonne - Die Burg, which Tina wasn't that keen on, I won by the way. Then we had another game of TTR Switzerland, which Tina likes quite a lot. Our games have quite close but this one was a disaster for Tina as she took some tickets and pondered over which one to keep, only to throw the wrong one away!! Anyway, it was an enjoyable game.

Tomorrow we are going to Gmunden with our Austrian friend, Franz, it's about 45 minutes away on a lake and is very picturesque. We hope to have some lunch there and do a bit shopping.

That's all for now.....happy gaming!!

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