Saturday, February 9, 2008

Today is hairdresser day (for the wife)

Things are still going well.....sort of. We had a few problems getting online, Telekomm Austria weren't very helpful and I had to set up the connection myself. Did that last Monday, and on the very same day the satellite tv went wrong. We get tv from a satellite, astra, I think, and we had just bought a new sat. receiver. Oh doh! I hope that hadn't gone wrong....but no it was a connection from the sat. dish on the roof. We had an engineer in and he sorted it. So we can get our 100+ german and austrian channels again.

We do get some english channels, only Sky News, BBC World, CNN and Euro News. But there is a lot of sport on, much to the wife's dismay. She has gone to the hairdresser's for the first time this morning dreading the worst. She expects to come out like a hairy coconut....she's got a thing about hairdressers, she's had the same one for 20 years.

Anyway, I was looking at my site meter and I see there are still a few of you having a look now and then, thanks for that. I shall post some more photos when I get some good ones.

That's all for now, happy gaming!!

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