Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tobago hits the table!!

Well, my games from Spiele Offensive came last Thursday and I must say all the hype I have read about the Tobago bits is fully justified. The idols, palm trees and huts as well everything else is top notch. I had read the rules before online so yesterday Tina and I sat down to play our first game. We had a bit of a struggle working out how the clue cards related to each other at first, and the site markers went off and on the board a few times until we had it sussed. The Amulets are also a lot more useful than first appears, as the game progressed and we got into the system more we could see the various options that the amulets afforded.
The game took 2 hours, but I think that about half that was learning curve, I am sure our next game will be much shorter....and the good news is that Tina, after some initial doubts, liked the game and said she would play again! Whoo Hooo!!
I also like the presentation of Justinian, another of the games I purchased, the graphics and production is also very high. Haven't played that one yet though, will report when we have played a game. The final purchase was Hector and Achilles, a 2 player card game from Phalanx, again haven't played it yet but looks interesting. Again will report later.....

Happy Gaming!!

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