Monday, July 12, 2010

Pick a Card

I was checking out the new Hallmark ornaments at my local store today and I got to thinking about cards. Christmas is one of the busiest times for the post office. Not only are people sending out hundreds of cards to various points around the globe, more and more people are sending virtual cards through email. Do you have a preference, paper or electronic? Myself, I prefer the paper kind.

I remember back to all the Christmases I had when I was a kid and all the cards my parents would receive. Mother used to tape them around a doorway, or place them on a side table. Nowadays there are so many different card holders. You can make something personal with fabric and ribbon. You can stick them in a cardboard length of paper with a festive holiday picture printed on it, or you can use a tree made with many branches of wire to artfully display your cards. If there's a way to bend wire around into a Christmas shape, then there's a holder for your cards.

Then there's how you group them. Do you keep all the family ones together? Or all the religious themed? Or all the ones the same shape? Whatever you do, we all have a sense of pride in displaying our cards to the people in our lives. Our collection of cards represent the people in our lives and displaying them for the world to see just shows how much we care about those people.

Then the dilemma about what to do with them at the end of the Christmas season. Do you recycle them to the bin, after recording who sent which card? Or do you save them each year to reminisce about Christmas past? Some of you may be especially crafty and make ornaments or gift tags with last years cards. Each person has their own method, cherishing each moment. So as you sit in the hot sun, enjoying a cool drink, keep those traditions in mind. Your friends are only a (Christmas) card away.

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