Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Essen 2010 gets ever closer

But I'm still not going! Still looking at all the new releases though and in this respect Board Game News in invaluable. There column detailing all the new releases, constantly updated as well, is great. As I mentioned before Inca Empire interested me and another game from White Goblin, Norenberc, looks interesting as well. So I checked out their website and found Khan, another game slated for Essen release. Both of these are 2-4 or 5 player so fall into my category. They are also releasing an expansion for Rattus, a game already released, again it plays 2. Well, they all look very tempting, then I find that if you pre-order you get exclusive bits only available for Essen. Hmmmmm, I'm crumbling. I mention to Tina that they have a deal that if you order the whole bunch, that is Inca Empire, Khan, Norenberc and the Rattus base game and expansion, you not only get the Essen goodies but a discounted price as well.

OK, you can have it for your Christmas present then......whoo hooo! Straight onto their pre-order page and bang. That's blown my games allowance for this year and next I should think.

Happy Gaming!!!

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