Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just found a great game!

Here we are, back from a 2 week visit to family in England. Had a great time and the weather was really good. Haven't played many board games lately but have been playing a few on the PC. While trolling around looking for a decent free game I found EA Sports FIFA 2010 online. Wow! If you like football games this is the one for you. Great graphics, easy controls and you can play against the AI or other online players. Best of all it's absolutely FREE!! Check out the promotional video and sign up here....

I am only still finding all there is to know about the game, but I have played England through to the World Cup Final.....I know it could never happen. But this is just fantasy..right! Anyway, I beat Germany, Argentina and Brazil on the way and beat Switzerland 3-0 in the final. I'm sure if you like football you will like this. There is a major update coming on the 28th September so sign up before then because I think there will be some rewards for existing players.

I just played my brother head to head, I'm Spurs and he's Arsenal...classic derby. He scored first, but then late in the second half I got a penalty and blasted it home to finish an honourable 1-1 draw. Give it a go, it's very addictive, as Tina will tell you....are you still playing that bloody football game....

Happy Gaming!!

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