Sunday, October 31, 2010

A couple of games of Norenberc

Having got Norenberc before Essen on pre-order (gotta love the printers that White Goblin use), yesterday me and the wife played a couple of games. We used the brewer (obviously), the printer and the hatmaker. In the first game the price the guildmasters set was high all game. We was both struggling for money throughout the game.

We had both noticed that the guild shields would be a big scoring factor at the end of the game and tried not to let the other get to many. I think in a game of more than 2 the impact of shields would not be as great. Tina got the townsman that gave you money during the income phase depending on how many craftsman you had. Tina (wife) chose the brewery, she had 6 I had 2, that eased her money problems a tad.

That game ended, me 34, Tina 31

The second game was a little easier regarding money, when you have a guild master at 2 and you see the next one up is 7 gives some opportunities. The shields came out about even over the two games. Score for this one was, me 29, Tina 23.

I must say that this game plays fairly quickly with 2, first game was under and hour and the second 45 minutes. The game gives you some good decisions to make but is in no way a brain burner. Tina likes this game a lot so will get some more plays :D

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