Saturday, October 16, 2010

Essen 2010.....comes to me.....early!

For those of you that read my post of Sept 1st you will see that I pre-ordered a bunch of Essen games from White Goblin Games. According to White Goblin these were to be dispatched after Essen had finished. Imagine my surprise yesterday when a big parcel arrived on my doorstep filled with gaming goodies. Fantastic.....after my wife told me to wipe away the drool I proceeded to rip the shrinkwrap off of them and....drool some more. Seriously, I opened all the games and punched them out and checked that all the bits were there, as I did this I noted that all the components were really first rate. Thick cardboard, crisp punching, colourful clear printing and solid boards not warped.

As I pre-ordered I also got the extra bits that were going to be available at Essen, for Rattus: Pied Piper, four more characters, for Khan, golden yurts, for Norenberc some more townsmen and for Aztec Empire, four sun cards. All present and correct.

So a big round of applause for White Goblin Games, I can enjoy my Essen a week before Essen.....if you know what I mean.

Happy Gaming!!

Oh, by the way, as this was supposed to be a Christmas present Tina said 'you can keep 2 games but 2 are going away, you can have them on Christmas day'.....Doh!!

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