Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My first venture into DSLR photography

Lucky me, I got a new camera for Christmas.....a Nikon D3000, which is an entry level DSLR . It has plenty of features for me though, my last camera was a digital compact which took good enough photographs but I wanted to have more control and options available to try different things. Luckily I have got a programme so I can play around with the images I produce and either enhance them or, as Tina says, cheat.

Here are a couple of the first images I have taken using the Nikon. The seeds photo was taken using aperture priority. I used the RAW format and post processed them on the computer. There is so much to learn with this programme, luckily there are hundreds of tutorials and tips out there on the internet to help the beginner like myself.

I shall post new photos as the year progresses so you can see if I get better or not.....lol!!

On the gaming front, Tina and I had a game of Khan yesterday. It plays OK as 2 player, but I would think it gets a lot more tactical with more players. The production of the game is first class, I have seen some comments on BGG that the art and names of the rulers etc aren't strictly right for the period...but this is a game right, and how many gamers are fluent in ancient mongolian?

Happy Gaming......and photography!!!

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