Sunday, June 26, 2011

Candy Canes

Natasha from has got me hooked on It's a website  for cataloging images you love...eye candy! It gives me good ideas and inspiration. You can type in anything to search for and you'll be very surprised at what you find!  I have found many things to do with candy canes...candy canes, who would have thought there were so many ideas out there for this peppermint candy!

You can decorate packages,

make a beautiful candy cane urn,

a lovely wreath,

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest

a vase wrapped with candy canes,

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest

an ornament,

Source: via Dorothy on Pinterest

a really cute candle holder,

and trees,

Now, onto the goodies,

Candy Cane macaroons,


Brownies, cookies and truffles,

 Ice cream,  yummy.....unless you're lactose intolerant!!

or a nice cup of hot chocolate, mmmmmm....

and one last cake that looks like a big bowl of m&m candies!

Very creative! I never would have imagined so many things to do with a pretty candy cane!

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