Sunday, June 19, 2011

Christmas Cross Stitch

One thing that I like to do to keep Christmas in my thoughts is to do some cross stitch.  I have a few projects on the go, but it's a great thing to do on a rainy afternoon.  Before you know it, a couple of hours have passed by and you have a great memento for the holidays.  Some things are quick, like an ornament, or a bookmark.  Others take a large amount of time, sometimes years to finish.  A few years back I purchased a tree skirt which I haven't had the time nor the patience to finish.  It seems a bit daunting, but I'll start it soon.

There are even some programs out there for the adventurous stitcher.  One of the most popular is PCstitch.  You can scan any picture you like and it converts it to a cross stitch pattern. So, find you most favourite Christmas picture, scan and stitch it!  You can even choose how many colors you can use.  From the simple 20-30 colors, to hundreds, if the picture is very colorful.

So, if you want to spend a lazy rainy afternoon to keep Christmas alive throughout the year, just pick up some thread and start stitching.  If you can make an "X", you can stitch.  Pretty soon you'll have your own handmade Christmas art to cherish all year long.

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