Friday, July 30, 2004

Finally decided to go Broadband

After using a dial-up connection to access the internet for 4 or 5 years I have finally decided to take the plunge to go broadband. I kept going over my limit on my number of hours and paying extra so I thought I might as well bite the bullet and pay for broadband. Also my other half has recently taken an interest in using the internet so increased usage is a definitely possibility. Anyway which ISP? Which speed of connection? The latter is admittedly limited by my budget. After reading several magazines and surfing info on the net I have decided to go with Pipex. Their Extreme 250 seemed to suit my pocket and give a reasonable gain in speed, 5x dial-up.

So far their service has been excellent, emails informing me of the progress of my order and an order tracker on their website that you can look at. Ordered on a Sunday, email arrived telling me the line should be ready on the week friday. Modem arrived on Thursday, installation looks fairly straightforward. Hope that’s not famous last words!! Anyway all ready to go just waiting for dear old BT now.

Certain concerns expressed by other persons in the household, eg. the missus, that I would be spending all my time playing MTGO are completely unfounded by the way. :0)

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