Friday, July 9, 2004

Steve’s Rating System

Further to Steve’s email about the rating system, here are his values. Hopefully people will take these into consideration when basing their evaluation of a game played.


T - A 'Top 10' game. Not limited to 10 games, but includes all the games that are or have ever been in a player's top 10, or that were ever considered for inclusion.

L - Love/Like. Basically these are all the games that you might consider suggesting if it's your choice, although probably not counting those that you might suggest simply because you haven't played them for years, or because thay have nostalgia value.

S - So-So. All the other games that you don't object to playing.

G - Groan. These are games that you don't actively hate, but that cause your heart to sink if you find you have to play them (games in this category for me include History Of The World, Formula Motor Racing, and Diplomacy (because I can't help thinking how many German games I could play in the same time)).

H - Hate. Games you will try to avoid playing and, if you do have to play them, you will try to make them end quickly, eg. by deliberately going bankrupt.

N - Games you have never played.

What I'm coming to is, it would be helpful if the ratings we give to games under Colin's system were directly related to those in my system, so I suggest the following mapping:

H = 0 - 2.5

G = 3 - 4.5

S = 5 - 6.5

L = 7 - 8.5

T = 9 - 10

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