Friday, July 2, 2004

Tomorrows a games day!

02/07/04 - Well, I suppose this blog is just to keep a record of my thoughts and results of boardgames I have bought, played and liked or disliked. Tomorrow I have a few friends coming over to try out a couple of new 4 player games. Saint Petersburg, which I have only played with my other half, and Goa which I have played twice. Goa is a deep thinking game that has many paths to victory. I shall try a different strategy tommorow. The colonists and spice route didnt quite work last time so I shall maybe try expedition cards and colonists this time. I know Steve wants to play Santiago to test his theory for the strategy article he is writing so that’s on the agenda as well. Our session will start around noon and probably go on until about 8ish. Session report to follow hopefully.

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