Monday, September 13, 2004

Computer bug solved and Magic League update

Well, first a bit about the Magic online league that I am playing in. Opened my 2nd week booster, Darksteel, and found there wasn’t really one card that stood out that could help my present deck configuration. The rare was Darkstell Collosus, a monster at 11/11 and indestructible to boot. But at a cc of 11 it’s never gonna hit the table. I decided to ditch the black and go blue with 4 nice creatures. Because I had my friend Neil coming round on Sunday to try and squash the 15 minute lag bug and we was out Saturday, I only got to play 2 matches. One against a guy in 16th and the other one was in the 70s I think. Anyway lost both, one to a Spikeshot Goblin with a Cranial Plating attached. Ouch!

Anyway enough of that, now that 15 minute lag. Well, Neil ran Adware and Norton Disk Doctor and a couple of other things. Found the odd problem but not one that could be causing the lag. Might as well install SP2 says Neil, might make a difference. Duly installed SP2, touch wood, with no problems. Recognised my ZoneAlarm firewall and automatically turned off the Windows firewall. So far so good, rebooted and ......... bother, lag still there. So call up task manager and monitor CPU usage as we connect to net. As soon as you try to load a page, whoosh the CPU usage goes ballistic, 100%. Ah, look at that process, that’s the little b*&%!r. Terminate process and bang, straight in. Look in the services window and try to identify the one that’s causing the trouble, narrow it down to 2 possibles. Try to connect again....lag.... terminate process.....straight in, and one of the services has disappeared. The culprit identified. Disable it from the services window. Reboot and go through the procedure, connect, load a page and wham, instanteous display.

Well Neil, cracked it for me but not sure what the process is, something to do with DNS I think, Neil is going to investigate and try to find out what it is. At the moment nothing is not working without it, soooo fingers crossed. Problem solved. Thanks Neil!!!

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