Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Magic Online League Week Two

Week 2 of my excursion into league play. Opened my Mirrodin booster, not bad but only three cards that will really help my deck. Icy Manipulator, Irradiate and Mindslaver. Icy is always good, irradiate is OK but depends on you having artifacts already in play and Mindslave is cool. Giving you control over target players next turn. I had posted my card pool on the Magic online forum and got a couple of responses to help build the deck. I went with black/white with a splash of red.

Well, I played my five matches and ........ lost every one!! The first week I was losing 0-2, this week I improved to losing 1-2. The way the league works you press the play button and you are paired with someone who has also pressed the play button. I think it tries to pair you with someone who has similar results to you but if there is nobody waiting like that you get anybody. Apparently players hang around until there are only weak players waiting and then press play now. Well, I havent got time to frig around like that so I just press play and see what happens.

As luck would have it I seem to get good players matched against me. I know that I am a mediocre player at best but shucks|!! One in the top ten I get for a second week running. Oh well, it’s only a bit of fun for me and a way of increasing my card collection. It is a bit disappointing though. Any way the minute I decide to play a tiebreaker match I win 2-0. Doh!! You have to laugh.

Week 3 next and I can add a Darksteel booster.

To be continued.

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