Thursday, September 30, 2004

Magic League Final Thoughts

I have just realised that I haven’t brought you up to date with how my league excursion ended. Well, the league lasts 4 weeks. I played 5 matches 1st and 2nd weeks, 2 matches on the 3rd week and to be honest no matches on the 4th week. Why? you might ask. Well, at the time I can go on MTGO, which is in the morning, there seemed to be only 5 or 6 players in the league room. And all these players were in the top 20 or so. Now, I have read on the forums that the top players hang around waiting for scrubs to appear so they can smash their heads in. Well that certainly appeared to be the case here. You could argue that I’m making excuses here, but what’s the point of getting the crap kicked out of you every game. I will probably not be playing in another league. The cards have helped my collection and I can use some of them in some of my decks so it wasn’t a complete loss. I think I finished up around 180 out of 256 so I was not the only one not to play games, I think some people didn’t even play one game!!

I had a couple of foil rares which I traded and got some nice playable cards. I would rather play in the casual rooms and get a decent game. Well, the next expansion, The Champions of Kamigawa is released online on October 25th. Some nice looking cards and interesting new mechanics so I will probably get a few of those.

Til next time!

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