Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Carcassonne End

Carcassonne End
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As we were playing with practically all the expansions the game took I think over 90 minutes to complete, not only because of the number of tiles, but because of the extra decisions needed when placing them. Towards the end of the game players concentrated on getting majorities in the farms and meeples in the market ready to influence the scoring at the end. Once again we had a disussion as to how the farms are actually scored, we decided that if a completed city is in more than one field it scores in both. I know there are different ways of intepreting this rule but that’s how we played it. One huge city (top centre of pic) garnered a lot of points for Richard and Steve I think it was. And Neil cleared up a lot of points scoring farms.

Final Scores (*denotes starting player)

Richard (grey) 139, Neil (black) 127, *Natalie (red) 91, Colin (yellow) 64, Garry (green) 56

Game Rating (0-10)

Colin 7.5

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