Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Tuesday 17th - TTR Belgium Board

TTR Belgium Board Early Game
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So, after my previous post showing my artistic skill constructing the board and tickets tonight we get to give a whirl and see how it plays. The participants were Neil, Steve, Garry, Richard and myself. As I said previously the board only has about 80% of the routes of the American board so the designers advised that you start with only 35 carriages for a 5 player game. There were no routes that spanned right across the board in the original tickets so I made a couple. La Panne to Arlon for 22pts and Knokke to Bertrix for 18pts. I thought they would be very difficult to complete. Anyway the board played really well, and the game lasted about an hour. That 22pt route clobbered Garry as he failed to complete it and Richard completed all his routes. Steve on the other hand didn’t complete I think 3 of his routes, one of them a only 2 stations apart. The general consensus was that he was trying to use his carriages to spell out a rude word. He said the word was ‘Belgium’.

Final Scores (*denotes starting player)

*Neil 68 (Black), Steve 12 (Blue), Richard 95 (Red), Colin 67 (Yellow), Garry 43 (Green)

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