Wednesday, November 17, 2004

TTR Belgium Board Game 2

TTR Belgium Board Game 2
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As the first game only took about an hour, we decided to play a second game. I think everyone took more tickets in this game. The scores were closer as the routes were a bit more familiar. Richard managed to complete the Knokke to Bertrix route for 18 pts and consequently got the longest train card as well (length of 29). I took some tickets mid game and had one already completed (Liege to Arlon) for 10pts and one I thought I could complete fairly easily. As it was I was one link short. Doh! In the picture their has’nt a been a major train disaster I forgot to take the photo before we checked the scores so the carriages are all on their side. As I said the scores were a lot closer and Garry pushed Richard all the way being only 2pts behind.

Final Scores (*denotes starting player)

Neil 69 (Black), *Steve 66 (Blue), Richard 88 (Red), Colin 72 (Yellow), Garry 86 (Green)

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