Wednesday, May 2, 2007

2nd May - No Session This Week

So with Richard in Birmingham again we were only going to be three, but last thing Garry had to cancel because of pressure work....ah well, there's always next week. Now I suppose I can watch the Champions League Semi between Liverpool and Chelsea. But, being a Spurs fan all I want to see is Chelsea lose :) Close game though, down to the penalty shoot out. Mourinho thought Chelsea was the best team again, suprise.
So what I have been up to game wise, well, at the weekend I was playing about with the Westpark Gamers Windows implementation of Yspahan. It's not bad, clear layout and easy to figure out the moves. I haven't really given the AI a workout as I didn't have the time but I will. I have added Westpark Gamers to the links panel.
Hopefully next week we will be back to 4 and will be playing Power Grid on the only map we haven't played which is Central Europe.

Happy Gaming!!

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