Friday, May 25, 2007

Garry's Report - AoS May 22nd

Age of Steam, London Map.

Tonight as Colin was away on holiday we decided to take the oppourtunity to play AoS as Colin hates it. We had the London map which Richard and I had both bought at Essen last year. As is normal there are a few tweaks to the rules for a different map, you can build up to 5 tiles per turn but you have to pay the Union rate for overtime and this gets more expensive the more tiles you build. Then when you ship a cube it's replaced immediatley form the goods supply board.

Money is quite tight as building costs are high, I decided to just build a few tiles per turn but make them count by grabbing the 'first build' job most times, I stayed around central London and managed to build a couple of nice loops. Richard went off towards Wembley and managed to build a lot of track by the end of the game. Steve had a nice long network running across central London and out to the South East but never quite managed to ship for long distances.

It was quite a close game and I was thankfull that I didn't go bankrupt. Although the final scores were quite spread out it was fairly neck and neck throughout the game.

Richard 1st
Garry 2nd
Steve 3rd

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