Wednesday, May 9, 2007

9th May - Power Grid/Central Europe

Back to full complement this week, and playing number 3 on the BGG top game list, Power Grid. The central european board is the only one we haven't played so we quickly have a look at the additional rules. Basically there is more trash available and if you have a plant in Vienna it's cheaper for you. There are some countries that don't have nuclear power, Western/Eastern Poland and Austria. If you only have plants in non-nuclear countries you can't put up or bid for nuclear plants. We chose to eliminate western Poland and the Purple country bottom right (whatever that is!!).

Europe Board Close Up

Resources seemed tight all the way through the game and the centre of the board became quite congested. I thought that I had put my first city in the wrong place at first but it turned out not too bad. Steve started straight away in Vienna to get the reduction on the trash, Richard and Garry started right in the middle of the board. Although there is quite a bit of math in this game it never does my head in like AoS, I don't know why. Garry was in the lead for most of the game, but Richard came from behind with a late burst of plant building to take the win.

Final Board Position

Final Scores
Richard 17, Garry 16, Colin 14, Steve 13

I shall be away for a couple of weeks now, walking round some Austria Lakes, so session reports will resume when I come back.

Happy Gaming!!

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