Sunday, November 7, 2010

Geek Christmas: Lego Ornaments

Here's a fun craft for the ultimate Lego enthusiast.  Make your own ornaments for your tree.  Taken from the Mint in Box blog.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing you how to build a set of fun holiday items with Lego, all of which can be ordered direct from via Lego Digital Designer. The first object we’ll tackle is an ornament for your tree—a build that was inspired by the spherical vehicles created by the incredibly talented T.Oeschsner. (Please click through to see his work!)

As this is complex build, I have taken the unusual step of providing a set of instructions along with the model file. I’ve also provided a second file with alternate builds, which will hopefully jumpstart your own creativity. And remember, you’ll need the Lego Digital Designer 4.0 to open the lxf files.

As you can see in the picture below, you can easily vary the color and design of the ornament; all you need to do is choose the paint tool and recolor the bricks as you like. You’re limited only by the colors available through Lego Digital Designer; unless, of course, you own a few buckets of Lego. Two pieces are hard to find in certain colors—1x2 jumper plates and the 2x2 corner plates are not available in green, lime green or orange—but you can still come up with some great designs.

The wrench stuck into the round brick at the top of the ornament is purely decorative, and I chose it because it was the closet match to the loop on a glass ornament. However, if you’re going to hang the ornament from a tree, you should replace the wrench with a short, notched axle piece and a Technic connector.

Have fun!

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